51 Sayings In Spanish

51 Sayings In Spanish

Greetings everyone! Today I'd like to take a closer look at some of the beautiful sayings in Spanish. Spanish is an expressive language with a long history of incredible poetry and literature that expresses the culture and identity of many different countries. From the Mexican proverb “Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres” to the Columbian “La sonrisa es el mejor lenguaje”, Spanish sayings offer us a glimpse into the mindset of Latin Americans.

Idiomatic Expressions in Spanish

Idiomatic expressions are an important part of any language, and Spanish is no exception. Idioms give flavor to a language, and they also provide a way to convey complex ideas in just a few words. They are a great way for native speakers of Spanish to show their creativity and express emotion in conversation. From “Ay Dios mio!” (Oh my God!) to “no hay mal que por bien no venga” (every cloud has a silver lining), Spanish idiomatic expressions can inject humor, express surprise, and illustrate abstract ideas. For English-speakers looking to learn Spanish, studying these kinds of expressions can be an entertaining and satisfying way to improve conversational Spanish.

A caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes.

La tercera es la vencida.

Ser más papista que el Papa.

Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.

No hay mal que por bien no venga.

Donde hay patrón, no manda marinero.

No hay peor sordo que el que no quiere oír.

El que madruga, Dios lo ayuda.

El que calla, otorga.

A buen entendedor, pocas palabras.

Por la boca muere el pez.

El amor todo lo puede.

Más vale prevenir que curar.

Más vale tarde que nunca.

El que ríe el último, ríe mejor.

Popular Spanish Proverbs

Popular Spanish Proverbs are a great way to express ideas using words of wisdom. They’re often humorous and offer critical insights into the culture and values of Spain. Desde el perro hasta el lobo, todos tienen su día, or “from the dog to the wolf, everyone has their day”, is a popular proverb that is often used to emphasize the idea that life is fair, and that even the least among us can succeed, with work and patience. “Más vale prevenir que curar”, or “better to prevent than to cure”, is another popular Spanish proverb that encourages people to be mindful and diligent in order to avoid problems before they arise. These are just two examples of many that show the beauty of Spanish culture and language.

"Unos son de nacimiento, otros de esfuerzo" – Some are born great, others achieve greatness

"Más vale prevenir que lamentar" – Better to be safe than sorry

"Cada loco con su tema" – To each their own

"Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente" – Out of sight, out of mind

"No hay mal que por bien no venga" – Every cloud has a silver lining

"Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres" – You are who you hang out with

"Más vale tarde que nunca" – Better late than never

"Al que madruga Dios le ayuda" – God helps those who help themselves

"La verdad siempre triunfa" – The truth always prevails

"Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo" – The devil knows more because he is old than because he is the devil

"La prisa es la enemiga de la perfección" – Haste makes waste

Famous Quotes in Spanish

When you want to find the perfect phrase to express yourself in Spanish, look no further than the many famous quotes in Spanish. From inspiring words of wisdom to jokes and riddles, these sayings in Spanish can add a touch of personality to any conversation or text. Whether you are looking for something funny to break the ice with or an enlightening remark to get your friends thinking, there is a perfect quote in Spanish to use. From the words of Miguel de Cervantes to those of Salvador Dalí, the vast collection of quotes in Spanish are worth exploring for the language learner or curious enthusiast.

"El desconocimiento de uno mismo es la fuente de todos los males" - Sócrates

"Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando" - Proverbio español

"No hay mal que por bien no venga" - Proverbio español

"Con esfuerzo y dedicación todo se logra" - Proverbio español

"A mal tiempo, buena cara" - Proverbio español

"Después de la tempestad sale el sol" - Proverbio español

"Dios ayuda a quienes se ayudan a sí mismos" - Proverbio español

"Donde hay una voluntad, hay un camino" - Proverbio español

"Lo que no te mata te hace más fuerte" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"La única forma de llegar a la excelencia es el trabajo duro y la constancia" - Aristóteles

Slang Terms Used in Spanish Conversation

Spoken Spanish across Latin America and Europe is filled with colorful and unique slang terms reflecting the variety of local cultures and traditions. Knowing the lingo used by Spanish-speaking friends and peers will help you join in their conversations and show your understanding of the language. Slang terms used in Spanish conversations can vary greatly depending on region and era, but they often reflect the language's blending of Spanish, African, and native influences. It's always helpful to have a basic knowledge of these slang terms, which can range from mild expressions to more explicit language. With some luck, you'll soon be able to recognize and even use these terms in Spanish conversations.

"No hay que desvelar el pastel" (Don't give away the secret).

"A calzón quitado" (Right away).

"Más claro ni el agua" (As clear as spring water).

"No seas flojo" (Don't be lazy).

"Toda la vida" (Forever).

"Vivir para contarlo" (It's worth living to tell the story).

"Meterse en camisa de once varas" (To stick your nose in something).

"A toda madre" (Cool).

"Bailar en la cuerda floja" (To walk a tightrope).

"Los lunes por la mañana no son para nada" (Mondays are not good).

"Buscar una aguja en un pajar" (To look for a needle in a haystack).

"Ni el aire" (Nothing at all).

"Está como la una" (It's up in the air).

"Me quedo helado" (I'm stunned).

"Tirar la casa por la ventana" (To go all out).

So there you have it! From “La vida es una flor de la que cada uno es una de sus pétalos” to “Ojalá que cada día florezca la primavera de tu corazón”, I hope that you have enjoyed taking a closer look at some of my favorite sayings in Spanish. Until next time!

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